Interesting Article on the Juvenilization of American Christianity

When Are We Going to Grow Up? The Juvenilization of American Christianity

We’re all adolescents now.
Thomas E. Bergler
[ posted 6/8/2012 12:33PM ]
When Are We Going to Grow Up? The Juvenilization of American Christianity Illustration by Paul Kissele
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June 3, 2012 AM Sermon Notes – Pastoral Frustrations, Part 2

This Sunday we will continue our look into Paul’s heart for the Galatian church.  Beginning in chapter 3, Paul began to teach hard against salvation through works of the law through a variety of different ways and now, it is as though his deep reflections on the doctrine of justification through faith in Christ alone pause and the brokenness and “astonishment” he is experiencing is personalized in 4:8-20.

In these verses we get an unusual glimpse into the heart of a pastor/missionary who is literally at a loss to understand how this precious church who so readily and fully accepted the true gospel of Christ has “exchanged the truth of God for a lie” in adding works of the law to their faith for salvation.  And, horribly, they had not only exchanged the true gospel for another one that was “no gospel at all,” they had also turned on Paul, as they listened to the false teachers that had come behind him and “corrupted their minds.”

June 3, 2012 – Gal 4 – Pastoral Frustrations, part 2

Things have not changed, although many people today believe otherwise.  We have the EXACT same problems in the church today and Satan still sends false teachers to corrupt our minds.  For this reason we MUST heed Paul’s words as if they came from God himself…because they did… regardless of what anybody else tells you.  Paul’s gospel IS Christ’s gospel.

Come to Woodland Baptist tomorrow with your Bible prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and worship in the Spirit and truth.  Every time the Saints gather together we experience the powerful life changing Word of God and worship of God.

Hope to see you there!




Texas SBC Pastor Responds to President Obama’s Comments on Same Sex Marriage

Click to download the pdf file to read Dr. John Mark Caton’s, Senior Pastor of Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church, Plano, Texas, response to President Obama’s comments regarding same sex marriage.

Dr. Caton is a friend of mine that was very helpful to me early in my call to pastor and continues to be a good friend.  I thought his letter was worth sharing.  He gave me permission to use it in anyway I thought appropriate.



Children Summer Activities Calendar

Woodland Baptist Church is offering the following events for fellowship over the next couple of months for our children:


  • Tuesday, June 5th – Slip N Dip Waterpark in New Hope – bus leaves at 10:30am – event is for K-6, but all are welcome that are accompanied with adult supervision. (more…)

W.O.W. – Women of Woodland Event – Living by faith NOT fear

Please come join us for our next Women of Woodland Event this Saturday, Living by faith NOT fear on June 2nd at the fellowship of Woodland Baptist Church.

Our special guest speaker will be Donne Myers, Wanda Brackin’s sister, and she will share with us her story of how God has worked miracles in their lives, helping them endure the nurturing and care of their children that are patients of St. Jude –

If you come, please bring a finger food or a dessert and those that are decorating tables will have access on Friday evening.

For more information, please contact the church office between the hours of 8am – 12pm.  We hope to see you there!