Bulletin for May 20, 2012

Sound Upgrades Complete!!

Members of Woodland Baptist, we have great news!  The massive upgrades to our sound system are complete and have been fine tuned to take our worship to a level never experienced.  Please come this Sunday and hear for yourself!  The only thing that remains is the acoustical sound material for the back wall of the sanctuary, which should be installed the first week in June.

A huge thank you to Sound and Communication, Inc., out of Jackson, MS for their stewardship over this delicate project and a big thank you to one of our  deacons, Tim Chaltry, for taking time out of his busy schedule to oversee the project to completion.


Mother’s Day Message – 1 Samuel 1 – Hannah’s Heart for God

Please consider this a personal invitation by me to come join us this coming Sunday morning for a thorough exposition on 1 Samuel 1.  We will study the life of Hannah, the mother of Samuel.  We will look at her life, while married to Elkanah, her prayer, her interaction with Eli the Priest and how God answered her prayer and used her to establish the monarchy in Israel.

One of the primary things we will consider is the pain that Hannah experienced, as most all mothers are well acquainted with pain in child bearing.  Come and join us and be encouraged in the Word of God for Mother’s Day 2012 and learn that the pain that we experience has a very special purpose and is used of God to mature us into healthy, humble Christians.

Also be assured of our prayers for you on this your special day!

Shelby Hazzard, Pastor

Wednesday Night in the Word Notes – Acts 16:11-24

Come join us for next Wednesday night as we travel with Paul as he is directed by Christ through receiving the Macedonian vision that leads him and his mission team to minister in Philippi.  Go to the river outside the city and meet Lydia and be refreshed by her kindness to Paul and the missionaries and watch as Paul frees the slave girl from the “spirit of divination.”  Then watch in amazement as Paul is mercilessly persecuted for freeing the slave girl and put in jail.

Today we hear from many talking heads that “if God is truly in a work it will be free of conflict and trouble.”  That, perhaps, we are doing something wrong if our ministry methods and teachings cause problems and bring conflict.  Ask Paul that question after you honestly read and evaluate Acts 16.  Sometimes God sends us directly into conflict for reasons that only He knows that are hidden in His divine plan.

Please come and join us for Bible study and experience the life changing, soul filling gospel of Jesus Christ only found in His church.Acts 16, 11-24

Bulletin for May 6, 2012

Bulletin for April 15, 2012