Wednesday Night in the Word Notes – Acts 16:11-24

Come join us for next Wednesday night as we travel with Paul as he is directed by Christ through receiving the Macedonian vision that leads him and his mission team to minister in Philippi.  Go to the river outside the city and meet Lydia and be refreshed by her kindness to Paul and the missionaries and watch as Paul frees the slave girl from the “spirit of divination.”  Then watch in amazement as Paul is mercilessly persecuted for freeing the slave girl and put in jail.

Today we hear from many talking heads that “if God is truly in a work it will be free of conflict and trouble.”  That, perhaps, we are doing something wrong if our ministry methods and teachings cause problems and bring conflict.  Ask Paul that question after you honestly read and evaluate Acts 16.  Sometimes God sends us directly into conflict for reasons that only He knows that are hidden in His divine plan.

Please come and join us for Bible study and experience the life changing, soul filling gospel of Jesus Christ only found in His church.Acts 16, 11-24

Church Covenant Study

Why is there an image of a rainbow on this post about covenants?

Join us on Sunday Nights at Woodland Baptist Church for an in depth study of what covenants are, where they are found in the Bible, and how covenants apply to us today.

Sunday Nights at 6:00 in the Woodland Baptist Church Sanctuary.

Welcome Bro.Hazzard

Woodland Baptist Church welcomes Bro. Shelby Hazzard as our new Senior Pastor.  He is joined by his wife, Angie, and their three children; Logan, Mary Lauren and Micah.  Bro. Shelby comes to us from Leland MS where he was the Associational Mission Director.  We look forward to the new year with great anticipation for what God has for us to do.  Bro. Shelby joins our current staff of Brad Wright, Director of Student Ministries, and Randy Comer, Minister of Music.

Website Updates

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Meanwhile, Sunday services begin at 9:30 am – 11:30 am, Sunday evening services at 6:00 pm. Wednesday nights begin at 6:30 pm and end by 8:00 pm.

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