Children’s Summer Music Ministry

Our children will transition from AWANA to our music programs for the summer beginning May 16th.  Classes run from 6:30-7:15 p.m.  There are classes for ages 3 thru next year’s 6th graders.  Activities will include singing, playing handheld instruments, games and they will learn about choir chimes and have the opportunity to perform on them.  All children are welcome.

W.O.W. – Women of Woodland Event – Living by faith NOT fear

Please come join us for our next Women of Woodland Event this Saturday, Living by faith NOT fear on June 2nd at the fellowship of Woodland Baptist Church.

Our special guest speaker will be Donne Myers, Wanda Brackin’s sister, and she will share with us her story of how God has worked miracles in their lives, helping them endure the nurturing and care of their children that are patients of St. Jude –

If you come, please bring a finger food or a dessert and those that are decorating tables will have access on Friday evening.

For more information, please contact the church office between the hours of 8am – 12pm.  We hope to see you there!

Brotherhood Breakfast – Guest Speaker – Les Riley, Founder, Personhood Mississippi

Men, please come and join us Sunday morning at 7:45am for a preview of our guest speaker, Les Riley.  You will not want to miss the opportunity to hear him speak about the issue of how Personhood relates to Sanctity of Life and the Pro-Life workings in our state and beyond.

Please come and enjoy a great breakfast and hear one of the best friend’s that unborn children in America have fighting for their right to live.


The Fight continues [from the Personhood MS website,]

42% voted yes on Amendment 26. Does that mean we go home? Does that mean we quit? Absolutely not! History will show this as a minor setback on the long road to the recognition of personhood rights for all human beings; the ending of “legal” abortion and thus the protection of unborn children and their mothers; the restoration of the rule of law and Constitution government; and the beginning of planting a flag for Biblical standards in a sea of moral relativism and death in our modern approach to “bioethics” applied to emerging medical technologies.

We learned allot and have much more to learn. We impacted individuals, our communities, our state, our nation, and even other countries in ways that we never would have hoped or imagined.

The fight continues. The next phase is beginning. We are preparing for another petition drive. We are working to impact legislation and elections. We are working on some major education and ministry efforts.

Wednesday Night in the Word – Acts 16:25-40 – Salvation of the Philippian Jailer

God has a way of reaching all men with the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of who and where they are.  In chapter 16 of the book of Acts, Paul responds to a vision from God of a man that pleads for him to go to Macedonia.  What we discover when Paul is obedient and responds to the vision is not a calm and easy mission field, but one filled with excitement, travel, new conversions, conflict with Satanic forces and persecution. 

During this time in Macedonia, Luke testifies to three incredible acts of the Spirit.  We see a very prestigious business woman come to Christ at the river outside Philippi named Lydia, Christ’s first convert in Europe.  We see Paul expel the ‘spirit of divination’ from the slave woman that was harassing them, which sets the town in uproar and causes Paul and Silas to be beaten and put in prison.  Finally, while Paul and Silas are singing praises to God IN JAIL, we see God bring the very jailer that had most likely beaten Paul and Silas to salvation through an earthquake and supernatural “loosing” of all the prisoner’s manacles.

Come tonight and get the full version and notes to take home with you, which are attached…but you have to come to the study to get the blanks filled in…:)

Acts 16 – Jailer is Saved – Notes

Answers for Points covered so far:


Our RESPONSE to his intervention can WIN souls


Personhood Mississippi Founder to Speak at Woodland Baptist Church, Columbus, Ms

You are invited to come on Sunday, May 27th to hear Mr. Les Riley, founder of Personhood MS and author of the Initiative 26 Amendment to the State Constitution that was included on the 2011 ballot in Mississippi.  As you know, the amendment failed, however, the board of directors of Personhood have begun to develop strategies again for the next phase of the battle and Woodland Baptist plans to be a strategic church for Personhood again.

As a Southern Baptist Church, actively involved in the cooperative program for missions, Woodland Baptist Church was and remains and strong advocate for “Sanctity of Life.”  For this reason, we are having Les Riley, and his family to come and share fellowship with us on Sunday, May 27th for Brotherhood Breakfast and AM and PM worship.

We are also taking an offering to be designated specifically for Personhood on Sunday, so please come prepared to give to support this great opportunity to be on a foundational level of fighting for the rights of the unborn in our state.

We also plan to have a fellowship meal immediately following worship on Sunday, May 27th so, be ready to bring something to contribute and meet the Riley’s!