Johnancient1Matthew….Mark….Luke….John – the four gospels that have been our primary means of learning about the savior ever since He came, died and rose again.  Do you understand them?  Have you read them all?  Do you know the difference between them?

Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as “synoptic gospels” because they are all very similar in content, with minor variations.  The gospel of John is very different and in a sense “complements” the synoptics.  Last week, we learned about John the Apostle, the son of Zebedee and how the Scriptures described him.  This Sunday we will examine the gospel of John itself, comparing its content, message and style with the synoptic gospels.  Many of you have probably never had the chance to the see this before, so it may be a great benefit to you.

The notes for the message are attached below, hope to see you Sunday!

Pew Notes for Uniqueness of John’s Gospel

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