Everyone, just wanted you to know that we purchased a “Mega Resource Pack” from the Creation Ministries International book table and wimagesill make it available to you to check out at your convenience.  It is a great pack with 7 DVDs and 13 books designed to help us think more correctly about Biblical Creation, equipping us to push back against the tidal wave of evolutionary teaching in our culture.  There are resources for all ages, so if you are interested please call the church office.  A list of the resources are below:

  • The Creation Answers Book
  • Creation without Compromise
  • Refuting Evolution 2 Volumes
  • Answer to the Big 4 Questions
  • 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History
  • The Genesis Flood
  • Skeptics Vs. Creationists – A Formal Debate
  • Stones and Bones
  • By Design:  Evidence for Nature’s Intelligent Designer – the God of the Bible
  • Please Nana…What is Death?
  • Please Nana…Who is God?
  • Creation:  Key to the Dynamic
  • Clash Over Origins
  • Dinosaurs & the Bible
  • From a Frog to a Prince
  • The Age of the Earth
  • The Image of God
  • Artistic Ape Anecdotes
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