Everyone, please make sure and come out to Woodland this Sunday night for a special commissioning service for the Lifebook launch.  Lifebook is a free copy of God’s Word that is put into the hands of thousands of students across the United States.  If you are not familiar with it, please take just a few minutes and watch the video below:

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This Sunday night we will have leadership from 8 different churches come together at Woodland Baptist for prayer, Scripture reading and commissioning for the launch of Lifebook into the Golden Triangle, and Lamar County.  Please come and support this incredible opportunity to see the gospel spread across three counties.

Here are the churches and leaders involved:  Border Springs Baptist / Justin Putnam, First Baptist / Todd Core, Woodland Baptist / Brad Wright, New Salem Baptist / Angie Harper, East End Baptist / J Todd  Mordecai, Open Door Christian Center/ Samantha Holmes, Kolola Springs Baptist / Jackson Yeager, and Life Church / Nathan Katonia

Here are the schools that will be evangelized: Caledonia High, Caledonia Middle, Heritage, South Lamar, New Hope, Immanuel, Victory, Home Schooled students, Columbus High, the “W”, and EMCC!!


Opportunities to Worship
Sunday School9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship10:30 a.m.
Choir Practice5:00 p.m.
Evening Worship6:00 p.m.
Awana Programs6:30 p.m.
Bible Study Groups6:30 p.m.
Youth Ministries6:30 p.m.