The Scriptures give us an excellent guide by which to examine our lives.  The Scriptures teach us that if we truly are born again by the Spirit of God we will live in a way that overwhelmingly glorifies Him.  That means that our character will slowly, or quickly, (depending on the person) conform to the character of Christ.

This conforming to Christ will be evident to all that know them.  You will see it in their eyes, you will hear it in their speech, you will observe it in the way they treat the people that they are involved with, you will wonder “what has happened to Mark?”  “Something is different about him, he seems to have been changed somehow.”  That is because he was once walking under the bondage of the elemental spirits, under the bondage of the law and now through Christ, he has been set free to live for God to his fullest potential as a Christian and child of God.

Our time in the Word at Woodland in September will be spent in one specific passage, Galatians 5:16-26, which contains the passage most of us can quote by memory, the “fruit of the Spirit.”  I plan to spend a little extra time in these verses to help us take a long hard look at our lives, me included, to verify what type of walk we have.  Are we walking in the Spirit or the flesh?

Come join us at Woodland Baptist Church to ask this question and be honest with ourselves and God about where we stand and then, based on what we find…MAKE CHANGES to live a life more in conformity to God’s will.  AMEN?  AMEN!

Notes for Gal 5, 16-26 How is Your Walk?

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