God has a way of reaching all men with the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of who and where they are.  In chapter 16 of the book of Acts, Paul responds to a vision from God of a man that pleads for him to go to Macedonia.  What we discover when Paul is obedient and responds to the vision is not a calm and easy mission field, but one filled with excitement, travel, new conversions, conflict with Satanic forces and persecution. 

During this time in Macedonia, Luke testifies to three incredible acts of the Spirit.  We see a very prestigious business woman come to Christ at the river outside Philippi named Lydia, Christ’s first convert in Europe.  We see Paul expel the ‘spirit of divination’ from the slave woman that was harassing them, which sets the town in uproar and causes Paul and Silas to be beaten and put in prison.  Finally, while Paul and Silas are singing praises to God IN JAIL, we see God bring the very jailer that had most likely beaten Paul and Silas to salvation through an earthquake and supernatural “loosing” of all the prisoner’s manacles.

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Acts 16 – Jailer is Saved – Notes

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Our RESPONSE to his intervention can WIN souls


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